My mind is overwhelmed.

I woke up this morning with an impending feeling of meaninglessness, wondering again why, if everything people are doing day in and day out is meaningless, my aspirations possess any meaning?

I also realized that me just trying to keep up with the intelligence of the students is a cause for concern; it makes me realize that what most of the education world is doing in order to make their schools marketable–to the world and to the parents–is allowing intellect, as a muscle and as a collective body of knowledge, atrophy.

Education should never be viewed in terms of rank, marketability, modernism, progress, or any of the thousand of other things it has been viewed in terms of since the Age of Aquarius began. The motivation behind society’s preservation of the value of education has rarely been pure: for the elite, a desire for power and for the masses, a desire for freedom from oppression. Upon further examination, however, these two seemingly different motivations can be seen as one in the same.

Power, whether intellectual, military, or monetary, is rarely a desire to oppress those above them, but an aimless “shot into the dark” at breaking through the glass ceiling of human limitation. No human being looks down or backward to find their motivation. All look above them and forward; that is the nature of time and of life. For the masses, there are people above and in front of them; they are surrounded by those who seem to have more than they, and so they set them as either a goal to aspire to or as an enemy to be overtaken. For the elite, however, they have few above or in front of them, so they are no longer distracted by this straw man. They have no one to aspire to or overtake beside God himself. They challenge the very tenets of human existence: how much power can one person attain in his lifetime or even a thousand lifetimes? Let us reach God, or Let us overtake God.

The masses seek freedom from the oppression of the elite, and the elite seek freedom from the oppression of human existence. Both seek freedom from the very thing that defines us. As humans, we are at once oppressed and limited. Such is the consequence of the existence of evil.

Those who accept the reality will be free from such desires. However, how is one to live with the fatalistic view that all human endeavor is simply desperation and so can be qualified as a low-level desire–that is to say, ineffectual and consequently, pointless. The answer is faith in the existence of good to maintain a balance with evil. Whether or not you believe that the good will one day overcome the evil (as Christians do), if you prefer to see yourself not fall to the baseness of evil, you believe in good, use your life to pursue it, and offer a lifeline to those below and behind you to join you in your quest.


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